Hello again!

HyacinthsHi there! It’s been a few weeks since I was last able to blog and so I apologise to regular readers who may have been logging on to Celebrate Creation and seeing tumbleweed over here for a while! Unfortunately I had to go into hospital for a small operation and around that time, Mr P lost his granny who was a big part of our lives. As you can imagine, life has been a bit sad and a bit difficult recently hence the lack of interaction with my blog.

Still, things are improving now and I have a few pictures of recent life that I want to share with you a bit later on today – lots of Easter craft and spring flowers! There’s so much beauty in nature at the moment. The image above is of some hyacinths that are not too far from my office at work. We have amazing groundsmen at the University I work at and they do such a superb job of making this University a truly beautiful place to come and work at everyday. I should give you a tour sometime…

Hope life is good with you and that you had a lovely Easter break.



Celebrate talent – Lisa Eldridge

Confession time. Recently I’ve been a bit addicted to Lisa Eldridge’s blog and have been watching so many of the videos on her website. Seriously, I can’t get enough. I’ve been a fan of Lisa’s for a while but hadn’t really thought to investigate whether she had a blog before last weekend. Well, I investigated on Saturday morning and then spent about an hour watching video after video after video!

Bride to be

For those of you who may not know, Lisa is an amazingly talented make up artist who has worked with so many celebrities there are almost too many to count. However whilst watching her video tutorials, I was struck by how humble and gracious she is. There was one video I was watching on Saturday for example where I kept hearing a soft banging sound. I thought it was someone slamming a car door outside and so was asking my husband what it was when eventually Lisa said something along the lines of:

“Sorry about the noise, if you can hear thudding it’s a 9 and 10 year old jumping about upstairs. I did ask them to be quiet but it hasn’t worked.”

All right in the middle of showing the viewer how to apply their makeup! I really admire that humility. Here’s an incredibly successful woman, with a client list so impressive it’s staggering, making videos for people like me whilst some children jump about upstairs as she does so. Now there’s an example of how to juggle a career and family if ever I saw one!

I also like the fact that she demonstrates many of her make up routines on herself and isn’t afraid to be seen without makeup. There’s even a video entitiled ‘PMS face’ which I just loved.

I’ve been trying out the skincare routine in this video, along with some other make up tips and had some nice comments on ‘looking well’ this week from work colleagues. I didn’t rush out and buy any new products, just followed some of the advice given in this video using what I already have at home and I think it’s already making a difference. I didn’t use face masks before watching for example (even though I have a few left over from Christmas), but I’m using them now!

 Image via flickr – creative commons, video via Lisa Eldridge


Friday links

Hello there! This week’s Friday links were sourced via my twitter and bloglovin feeds. Social media is so good for introducing new ideas or interesting blogs to my reading list that I may not have otherwise known about. So here’s three topics I’ve enjoyed this week…

Blue and white bedroom - Red online mag

How to decorate with shades of blue via Red magazine online. The tweet used to promote this post mentioned stepping away from a pot of grey paint and I had to smile at this. I’ve thought for a while now that I really need to embrace some other colours on the walls of our home other than shades and hues of grey!


This shockingly honest post about ‘American trade knock offs’  made me feel quite angry for the designers who have had their designs stolen by other companies.

Finally I loved this piece on the truth about Swedish parenting from Wear and Where. It’s a broad and balanced look at the ‘grass on the other side’ which may or may not be greener!

Have a happy weekend folks!

Images via Red Online, Nest goodies



Today I’m inspired by…

Touches of copper

introducing touches of copper in your home through interior accessories. I’m also a big fan of gold accents. I wonder if it’s possible to get a copper spray paint? Let me know if you have one that you can recommend!

Image via Cush and Kooks, orginally sourced from  Nordic Leaves.


Friday links

It’s Friday! :) Time for my weekly round-up of blog posts and internet finds that I’ve enjoyed this week…

Lia Griffith - TwoPaperLoveBirds

I fancy making these two paper love birds from Lia Griffith’s blog this weekend. You can watch a video of the tutorial and download a template here.

Ruth Garner Blossom-and-eggs-in-teacup

I enjoyed reading about the Makelight workshop that Ruth from The Planned Adventure went on recently. I’m especially taken with the images on Ruth’s blog from the workshop. If I will be able to take photos like these as a result of attending a Makelight course then sign me up!

Decorate-with-Flowers-SliderIf you’re a Holly Becker or Leslie Shewring fan, then you’ll probably already know that this talented duo have launched a new website which showcases some of the work from their recently published book ‘Decorate with flowers’. I on the other hand have only just found out and so am very excited about this!

Enjoy the links my dears. See you next week!

Image credits in linked text.


Life lately

Hey! I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a while due to a crazy week filled with Ofsted last week but am glad to say that is all behind me now. Here’s some snaps from some other, more enjoyable, aspects of my life recently!

Sand art

I watched an incredible artist work with sand to create this model whilst on a recent weekend break in Winchester with my husband. I’m not 100% sure what this animal is – a dog perhaps? Either way, it’s pretty darn impressive!

t shirtWhilst in Winchester, I discovered a gorgeous boutique called Mint Tea and bought this t-shirt. I’m thinking of buying another one from their collection as they stock some very funky t-shirts that I haven’t seen anywhere else and that would be great for the summer. I have my eye on this one. I googled the company that makes them and saw that the t-shirts are screen printed here in the UK which is another bonus in my book. When I got back to my hotel room, I saw that the owner of the boutique had popped a box of clipper mint tea in my bag which was such a lovely surprise. I’m offically a fan of the store now! If you are in Winchester I recommend you take a look for yourself or check out their website for further details and online shopping if not.

Winchester catherdralFinally some snaps from Winchester catherdral. I had no idea that Jane Austen is buried here. It was interesting to find out a little more about her life. A bit sad if I’m honest – she died so young, but it was good to reflect on how her work is still influencing people now.

What’s been going on in your world recently?

Images – Celebrate Creation



rose petal bath

Ofsted. Those of you who are familiar with the English education system will know what this means and why I’m feeling frazzled and have not posted at all this week. You will also know by now that I’m not one of those bloggers who has it all together and writes posts in advance that they then schedule to come up at certain times!

Normal blogging will resume next week. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to Friday and a relaxing bath not too dissimilar to the image above.

Image via


Friday links


3 lovely links for you today. Happy Friday!

claire-pettibone-couture-dress-with-flowers1Read all about how to master the renaissance trend over on Decorator’s Notebook. This image by Claire Pettibone is just stunning.

The lovely drawer DIYCute bowl DIY from The Lovely Drawer


Chicago home tour from The Everygirl

Images via links in text


A new series: Educate

Spring cleaning title image

A few weeks ago I talked about starting a new board on Pinterest called educate. I tend to post articles and blog posts where I’m learning something new to this board. After pinning a few new items today so that I can read them later, I thought that it might be a good idea to collate some of the articles into a new series on Celebrate Creation, also called educate.

So welcome to the first post in the series! Now the sun is beginning to shine, my thoughts are turning to spring cleaning. It’s been so lovely to fill the house with daffodils, tulips and hyacinths as spring is starting to bloom but it now feels like its time for a good clean and clear out! So, if you’re wanting to start some spring cleaning too, take a look at these posts which will help you on your way:

1) Start the planning ball rolling with this spring cleaning checklist from Martha Stewart.

2) How to deep clean a kitchen from premeditated leftovers.

3) How to keep your home sparkling, from Lauren Conrad.

4) 20 simple tricks to make spring cleaning easier from Buzz Feed.

5) Finally, how about spring cleaning your Facebook account? via Women living well. This particular post is written from a Christian perspective but you may find some of the pointers useful regardless of what you believe. It certainly made me ask myself some challenging questions!

Image Celebrate Creation