Spring door wreath – with a twist

Spring door wreathIsn’t this the best door decoration ever?! I would so love to hang one of these on our front door. I found it at this source but unfortunately do not know the original credit as I’d love to know how it was made. We enjoyed a beautiful spring morning in west London today and so I hung up our spring door wreath on the front door as I left for work. My husband laughs at me as we have a wreath for all seasons but I like to decorate our front door and don’t think that you need to wait for Christmas to do so! I’ll try and take a snap of the wreath at the weekend to share with you as I’m currently planning a ‘decorating your home for spring’ post.

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Sunday night feeling

a35f7940f98a5d479a314f6e25de2f31Good evening friends, how was your weekend? I spent the entire afternoon on the sofa today with a cup of tea and the Sunday Times. I haven’t dedicated an afternoon to reading the Sunday paper in such a long time. It was good to catch up. Today was the first day that felt like spring too. We had such a bright and sunny morning in west London today and then a good old shower this afternoon. I enjoy each season that we experience in the UK but am happiest when spring is on its way and all those dark and cold mornings start to disappear.

This week brings lots of marking and a research proposal for me at work so I’ll be doing lots of reading! I’m aiming to leave my desk and take a break at lunch times though – even if only for ten minutes – so that I get outside and enjoy some of the sunshine that I’m hoping we are going to have. Here’s an interesting article on why a break at work is so important.

Enjoy your week, see you soon,


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Friday links

Friday links 2015

Yippee! It’s Friday. I for one am glad to see the weekend this week! Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying on my Bloglovin feed recently:

1. This Lemon and Coconut polenta cake looks delicious and I have most of the ingredients in the cupboard already so I guess I’ll be making this on Saturday :)

2. Looking for a mini project this weekend? How about restyling your bookshelves?

3. I’ve pinned this foyer makeover onto my interior design board on Pinterest as I really like the the tiled floor someday. I’m thinking that perhaps we could have something similar in the bathroom?

I had meant to share my photo updates with you this week but time ran away with me and I wanted to post the washi tape frames instead. That’s the beauty of a blog. You can change your posting schedule as and when you like! Still, for those of you that were interested, that post will still come – just next week instead.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

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Today I’m inspired by…


Today I’m inspired by these washi tape frames which are such a simple, yet effective idea; perfect for students in halls of residence who aren’t able to put up posters with pins, or renters, or people who don’t want to commit to a gallery wall with framed pictures. You can see more, including a full tutorial, over on Design Sponge.

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Sunday night feeling


Good evening friends, how was your weekend? I spent a lovely day with my sisters yesterday and enjoyed a rather fancy afternoon tea at the Wolseley on Friday afternoon with my parents, sisters and Toby. So, with that and the cream teas we enjoyed in Fowey this past week, my sweet tooth has been very indulged. Lovely :)

So this week starts with a brisk walk to work for me tomorrow in an effort to get back on the health wagon. You may remember that it was a mini goal of mine to take our camera to Cornwall and to learn how to actually use it and I’m proud to say that whilst I’m not an expert by any means, I do now have a bit more of a clue and can navigate my way around it now! I’ll share my progress with you in the week, as well as a lovely shop that I visited in Fowey which has an online store.

Have a great Monday folks,


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DIY Blackbird Garland


 I spied this garland over on Pinterest the other day and immediately saved it to my DIY board. I think that this would be a pretty easy to make – just some thick black card and string required. You could even make the birds out of thin plywood and paint them with blackboard paint. Actually, a chalky pastel paint would be nice…

Image via – I think this blog has now become this one. If you are aware of the original source, please do let me know.


One lovely blog award



I was very pleasantly surprised to be awarded the One Lovely Blog badge by my friend Susan. If you are awarded the badge, you are asked to write a post with seven facts about yourself and then nominate up to 15 other bloggers. So here are my seven facts:

1) I’m from a huge family! I have so many cousins, siblings, aunts and uncles that I often lose count of how many family members I have. It’s crazy but my husband Toby hasn’t actually met everyone in my family yet. I love being part of a large family and wouldn’t have it any other way.

2) Every year I write a ‘Big list of 10′ and note down 10 things that I would like to do that year. They are all fun things and not tasks or ‘to do’ items. I’ll write another post sharing my list for this year which includes things such as horse riding and learning French.

3) I love to sing and am in a gospel choir which is a branch of a larger group of singers called Singology. We recorded an album last year. It was an amazing experience.

4) The last book I read was Flappers by Judith Mackrell. I loved it as it completely surprised me and wasn’t what I was expecting. Full review to follow! (This post is giving me lots of ideas for future posts!)

5) I love, love, love music. I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes but my favourite type of music is RnB and soul with favourite artists including Jill Scott, Maxwell and John Legend.

6) The last concert I went to was The Saturdays – it was a birthday treat for my 9 year old niece. She loved it and we had the best time. It was a great aunty and niece bonding experience.

7) I celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary with my gorgeous husband Toby this year. We married pretty young and people are usually surprised when I tell them I’ve been married for 10 years.

So there are my seven facts! I nominate Ruth from Gathered Cheer, Angie from Changing Pages and Terri from The Lovely Drawer.


Sunday night feeling


Evening folks, how was your weekend? Toby and I drove down to Fowey in Cornwall today, where we’ll be staying for the next few days on a mini break. We have lots of long walks and cream teas planned. It will be good to have a break and get out of London for a while and we’re really looking forward to the time together. We’re taking our camera with us and it’s my aim to learn how to use it whilst we are there! I’ll share my progress with you next week.

In the meantime I have a few posts already scheduled for you this coming week. Yep, managing to stick to my goal of planning and scheduling posts so far this year.

Have a great week,


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Styling the Seasons – February

Feb STS titleI wanted to share another corner of our home for this month’s Styling the Seasons post. I didn’t get a change to participate in January sadly but am hoping to make this a regular contribution each month to my little blog. I struggled with the lighting in these images as this space is just inside our front door and so it’s not a naturally bright and airy area.

STS mosaicWe have some sticker frames on the wall opposite to our coat hooks and these are the items we currently have on display there. It’s an easy display to curate and update any time we want and it’s a nice welcome feature when we have guests over for the first time as most people stop to look at the goofy photo booth strip we have up. We took these photographs whilst on holiday in the States a few years ago. I literally had to drag Toby into the booth with me but I’m so glad I did as I love the way the photos turned out and it reminds me of a great holiday every time I put my shoes on.

If you want to see other bloggers styling the seasons, pop over to Charlotte or Katy’s blog. There are some amazing posts showcasing lots of styling talent. It’s a good place to learn and be inspired.

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Simple Valentine DIY

Valentine treat bagValentine’s day is only a few days away and if you are looking to mark the occasion, why not try your hand at these sweet Valentine treat bags? Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be exclusively for couples – I’m making these for the ladies I share an office with and am planning to fill them with chocolate. I have great colleagues and I think they deserve a treat so I’m making these bags tonight and then leaving them on their desks as a surprise on Friday morning.

Image and tutorial via Style me Pretty Living