Sunday night feeling – part two!


Hi there. So life is busy, busy, busy. When isn’t it? Still it’s been busy in a good way so I’m not complaining. Apart from the fact that this post has been delayed until today so that I could move through a huge ‘to-do’ list over the weekend. Most of my jobs this weekend revolved around the house. It’s exciting thinking that we might move in the future but also exhausting keeping the place tidy for viewings! I’m looking forward to being able to leave a pile of paperwork strewn across the side of a counter without minding again.

Last week I mentioned that I was seeking to note down small accomplishments throughout this past week in order to celebrate them. If you are anything like me, you are probably very aware of everything you haven’t done, or are planning to do, and perhaps are not so great and stopping and appreciating what you have achieved. No matter how small. Or, perhaps you could do better at slowing down to appreciate the little things that others do for you? Trust me, there’s no judgement here if the latter is true. I am often guilty of letting kind and thoughtful actions go by without always acknowledging them. So this past week I sought to address that. Here’s how I got on.

Monday: Last Monday was an incredibly busy day. It was filled with meetings and marking that continued until 8.30pm. So I just sat back at the end of the day and appreciated a job well done. No planning. No ‘to do list’ for tomorrow. Just sat back and allowed myself to feel happy with all I had done that day.

Tuesday: My lovely colleague Amy bought me a drink back from her lunch break. It was a sweet gesture and Ribena. Yes, I may be 34 but I love a Ribena.

Wednesday: I had lunch with my lovely husband Toby in the Victoria and Albert museum as I was working in London on Wednesday so able to meet up with him. Great man, great food, great location.

Thursday: I survived a spinning class. Enough said.

Friday: I enjoyed reading some of my favourite blogs during my break today. It’s a huge source of inspiration for me.

Saturday: Toby and I enjoyed brunch with some new friends and enjoyed laughing with them.

Sunday: I started a new volunteer role at church on the welcome team. If you ever come to Kings church in Kingston, I’ll be there to say hi to you on the door. It was good to be challenged and taken out of my comfort zone a bit and I’m grateful for the incredibly kind and lovely people who are on the team with me who patiently showed me the ropes.

So there you have it! It was good to note down the little things and reflect each day. I’m going to carry on with it this week. Why not give it a try?


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Sunday night feeling


Hello friends! Just stopping by to say it’s been one of those weekends and so please consider this a holding post to say that I haven’t forgotten about you all, but that I’m going to publish my usual Sunday night feeling post tomorrow.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend and that it’s been less busy and more relaxing than mine!


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Friday links

Friday links 24.04.15

It’s Friday once again! Yippee! How is your week so far? I’ve been keeping a note of the everyday things that I’ve been  celebrating over the past few days and I’ll be back to share that with you on Sunday evening. In the meantime, here’s some thoughtful words and creative DIYs that have been impressing me this week.

1. I’m not a painter myself but even I think I could try my hand at this watercolour DIY from A Beautiful Mess. I’ve not used art masking fluid before though. Still, it’ll be good to try something new.

2. I’m glad that Elizabeth is posting a bit more on Rosalilium again as it’s one of my favourite blogs. I enjoyed this post on the importance of taking a break.

3. Speaking of noticing and celebrating achievements, how amazing is my friend Ruth’s tee-pee DIY? She’s one talented lady!

Images via A Beautiful Mess, Rosalilium, Laura Ashley via Gathered Cheer.


Today I’m inspired by: Such and Such

Such and Such websiteIt’s been a few weeks since I have written one of these posts so it’s nice to start the feature up again by sharing an exciting online design store called Such and Such. Owned by siblings Ali and Nikki, Such and Such brings well-designed and original products into your life. Not only do Such and Such curate a series of stylish handmade items on their site, they also bring you into contact with the makers behind them by sharing their stories. Take a look at the journal on the site for more information and inspiration!

I enjoyed browsing this website and have spied a few items that would make cool and quirky points of interest in a room. Take for example:

Hanging shelvesthese hanging wall shelves by Bob and Brace

We_Do_Wood_Horizontal_and_Vertical_2_1024x1024and these score board coat hangers by We do Wood.

Pop on over to the site and let me know what you think.

Images via Such and Such

This is not a sponsored post. I share sites, items or other lovely finds that I truly like in my ‘Today I’m inspired by’ posts!


Sunday night feeling


This week’s Sunday night feeling is part one of a two part series. I’ve decided that this coming week I’m going to celebrate the small stuff. It’s easy to let life pass you by without appreciating or recognising the work that you might do on a daily basis. I know that I can easily focus on all the things that I haven’t done instead of what I have. It’s equally easy to miss small acts that friends and family do for you too. Especially if you are blessed with some great people in your life who treat you well! So this week I’m aiming to take note of the smaller accomplishments in life – both my own but also those of other people. And I’m going to enjoy them. I’ll let you know what I note each day in next week’s Sunday night feeling post.

Here’s to a happy and mindful week ahead!


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Interior loves: A West Village Townhouse

BA002027During my post on Sunday evening, I shared that Toby and I are planning a move over to Kingston upon Thames in Surrey. With a possible move on the horizon comes a whole realm of possibilities for new interior decor, especially as we are probably looking at purchasing a ‘doer upper’ on our budget. London house prices are just crazy as I’m sure you already know. Still, I love an interior design challenge and so have started to curate ideas on Pinterest and in an interiors journal that I have which contain good old fashioned ‘I cut this idea out of a magazine’ pictures. Remember those?

As I was looking online, this image stole my attention and so I did a bit of searching until I found the original source and boy was it worth the effort. The image above is from a gorgeous town house in the West Village of New York. The herringbone flooring and white bookshelves were the first design features to grab my attention. If we have space in our new place (wherever that is), I’m thinking of creating something similar in a hallway in order to store our books. We have have a huge number of books and it would be good to get them out of the living room and study in order to save space and also make more of a feature out of them.

Of course I’m also attracted to the pop of grey peeking out from the kitchen in this image. It’s a great kitchen. Take a look:





Gorgeous no? You can see more images from this house, along with some other fantastic house tours on Brittany Ambridge’s website.

Images taken by Brittany Ambridge for Domino Magazine.


Styling the Seasons: April

Styling the Seasons April title headerWelcome to my styling the seasons post for April. I’m happy to be joining in with styling this month and am grateful for the week off I had last week as I had a bit more time than usual to style a surface. I chose to style the top of a cabinet in our kitchen as the spring weather has encouraged me to reach for my cookery books to see what new dishes I can make from the fruits and vegetables that are starting to come into season.Styling the seasons April 1Easter is a special time of year for my family and I. Therefore I decided to include some of the pastel coloured eggs that I used to decorate our home over the Easter weekend. The eggs and cupcake cases are included because I enjoy baking and tend to move on from sticky toffee pudding and other  indulgent winter bakes to lighter cupcakes and tea loaves during the spring.

Styling the seasons April 2

Styling the Seasons April 3

Styling the Seasons April 4

Styling the Seasons April 5You may notice an absence of spring blooms in my photographs. It’s not that we don’t have them, we have our fair share of hyacinths at the moment trust me! However I bought the dried poppy heads at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall a few months ago and have enjoyed having them in our kitchen these past few weeks and so wanted to include them.

It’s been great to join in with styling the seasons this month, I’ve really enjoyed it. If you want to get involved then head over to Charlotte or Katy’s blog for more information. There is a competition running alongside this month’s styling the seasons so if you want to join in be sure to use the hashtag #StylingSpringAtMine when publicising your entry on social media.

I’m off to look at other entries now. It’s a good way to pick up styling tips!

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