DIY Magnetic memo board

Memo board titleIt’s been a while since I was last able to share a DIY craft tutorial so I’m glad to be able to bring this one to you today. I was contacted a while ago by the lovely people at Laura Ashley to see if I would be interested in making something with a selection of their fabrics and craft materials. As a fan of their home ware and fabrics, it was an offer I couldn’t say no to. I received an exciting parcel in the post a while later containing two types of fabrics, some ribbon, co-ordinating threads and buttons. After a while searching on Pinterest for inspiration, I decided to make a magnetic memo board as my desk at work could do with some organising! Here’s how I did it.Memo board supplies

You will need: A flat metal baking tray, fabric, ribbon, buttons, sewing machine and thread, craft glue, small pegs and magnets for holding notes and other items you want to display. Paperclips would work just as well if you don’t have pegs.memo board fabricStep 1: Measure the length and width of your tray and note down. Then cut the fabric so that you have enough to make an envelope style cushion cover. I watched this tutorial on You Tube to learn how to do this. It’s very quick and easy once you have your measurements. Iron your fabric and press a double hem along the sides of the top pieces of fabric. (The video tutorial show you how to do all of this very clearly).sewing machineStep 2: Pin along each of the outside edges of your fabric to hold everything together and then sew into place. Once you have finished sewing, turn the fabric the right side out and press again with an iron to eliminate any wrinkles.memo board in fabricStep 3: Insert the baking sheet into your fabric envelope. You will have a surplus of fabric sticking out of the top. Don’t worry, it is meant to be this way! Tuck the extra fabric over the top of the baking sheet and into the back of the fabric cover. This will enable you to ensure that the fabric is tucked in nice and tightly, which will mean that you won’t have baggy fabric at the front of your memo board.glue buttonsStep 4: Glue some buttons onto the front of small pegs or magnets.completed memo boardStep 5: Place some ribbon about a third of the way down the memo board and tie it at the back in a bow. Attach the pegs to the ribbon. Next, stick a button to the back of a small magnet. As the board is magnetic you can stick the magnets anywhere. Make sure that the magnets you use are strong enough as they will need to be attracted to the baking sheet through the fabric. The fabric I was sent was of a lovely quality, meaning it was quite thick, so I had to source some strong little magnets!

Step 6: Finally, you will see that I also threaded a button with some ribbon and then hand sewed it into place at the top of the board. This means that I can hang my memo board up if I don’t want to have it leaning against the wall on top of my desk.

memo board with items on

memo board styledThis was a very simple make and so good for a beginner who is just starting out with a sewing machine (like me!) You can see more images over on the Laura Ashley blog and also see what other bloggers created with their craft packages. There is also an opportunity for you to vote for your favourite craft project. Now I’m not suggesting that you should vote for me or anything…;) but if you do vote, you will be entered into a competition to win £50 of Laura Ashley vouchers. So get on over there!

Update: In my eagerness to publish this post, I forgot to check the date of the competition. Voting starts this Friday, 22nd May and not today. Opps!

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Sunday night feeling


Good evening, how was your weekend? We celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday last night at an amazing French restaurant in Kew called Ma Cuisine. Such lovely food. We ate like kings and then had some gluten free birthday cake for dessert as my dad has recently discovered he is allergic to gluten. Now I have to be honest and admit that my expectations for this cake were pretty low. I know, I know, is there a term for that? Glutenist? Anyhow, I found a great artisan bakery in our local high street who baked one for us and it was amazing. One of the best birthday cakes I’ve ever eaten! So there. That taught me a lesson ;)

So lots of eating and then church this morning which was pretty busy. Actually, the topic of the sermon today was on busyness so there’s a little irony for you. I only heard some of it as I was serving as part of the welcome team this week (which I’m loving), and was in and out of the service a bit. I’m going to catch up this week when it’s posted online and will include a link in case you’d like to listen. I’m guessing it’s a topic we can all relate to!

My week ahead contains lots of meetings and tasks for my research project at work. It’s feeling really good to achieve tasks and meet deadlines that have been in my diary for weeks. I’m also posting a special DIY here on Wednesday in collaboration with Laura Ashley which I’m excited to share so do check back in then.

What do you have in store this week?

Have a good Monday,


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Today I’m inspired by…

San Francisco officethis amazing office space in San Francisco. Admittedly it is extremely girly but I love it! You can see the full tour and more photographs over on Style me Pretty Living.

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. Regular readers will know that we are in the midst of selling our house and so this has brought a lot of admin, organising and house seeking our way. I’m happy to say that we have now sold our house and had an offer accepted on a wonderful new place in Kingston upon Thames. I’m so excited to move in and am just praying that everything goes smoothly from here on in. I have been taking photographs of our current, very much loved home and will share a house tour with you over the next few weeks before we leave. Sob (!)

Have a great weekend,


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Sunday night feeling

Living room 5

Good evening to you. I hope you had a restful weekend. This weekend included more house hunting for Toby and me, lots of cake eating and catching up with friends at church. It’s been a good mixture of activity and rest time.

I received some photographs that I’d ordered in the post this past week and have been trying to figure out the best place to display them. We have some old black and white photographs in our living room, as you can see above. The photos I just had printed look like a polaroid picture and so I’m tempted to try something like this with them.

I’m hoping that this week is slightly easier than the last two weeks work wise. A few big deadlines have now passed and so I’m looking forward to more head space! What does your week have in store?

If you’re a young reader and you have exams coming up over the next few weeks then I hope that it goes really well for you. My niece is sitting her GCSEs over the next few weeks and so I’m thinking of her lots.

Have a good Monday,


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Sew and Stitch

Stitch and SewAnother weekend is almost upon us and I’m looking forward to creating a few items for our home with these goodies from Laura Ashley on Sunday. I’m taking part in a sew and stitch competition with some fellow bloggers. I’ve been scouring the net and magazines looking for inspiration and have pinned a few ideas to my ‘sew’ board. Do you have a board like this on Pinterest? If so, leave me a link in the comments so that I can follow you.

Here’s to a great weekend!

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#Houseproud feature

Sunday timesI’ve some exciting news to share today. Our home was in the Sunday Times last Sunday! I submitted some images to the House proud team about a week ago and was thrilled to see some of them in print as we read the paper at the weekend. You may recognise some of the images. The second one was part of last month’s ‘Styling the Seasons’ post.

If you want to share your home, tweet @STHome and use the hashtag #SThouseproud to be in with a chance of being featured.

Image: Screenshot from the Sunday Times. Images Celebrate Creation


5 ways to store your books

Last weekend was so busy that I’m looking forward to settling down and catching up with some reading this weekend. We’re lucky here in the UK as this weekend is a bank holiday weekend. Therefore as long as you’re not working, there’s an extra day to catch up and rest.

I’m currently reading ‘The Girl with all the Gifts’ and am gripped. It’s like nothing I’ve ever read before and I’m enjoying being challenged by it. Have you read it? With reading in mind, take a look at these five clever and stylish ways to store and display your books at home.

Bookcase 1

Bookcase 2

Bookcase 3

Bookcase 4

Bookcase 5

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