Have a good weekend!

Pomegranate door wreath - workshop

What are your plans for the weekend? We have our nephew coming to stay and so have planned some meals out, a Christmas walk at Syon Park and a Christmas shopping trip. What do you buy a thirteen year old boy for Christmas?!

I’m also on the look out for some door wreath inspiration this weekend as I’m going to a class to make my own wreath next weekend. I’ve always wanted to do this and so am excited to finally get around to it.

Have a restful weekend,


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Styling the Seasons|November

Styling the Seasons November

It has been a few months since I was last able to join in with ‘Styling the Seasons’, so I’m happy to be back in the styling groove this November. November is also a special month as there is a competition running until the 29th where participants have the chance to win one of Emily Quinton’s Makelight sessions. I’ve just had a sneak peek of this class via a week’s worth of free mini tutorials that Emily ran and it looks good! So here’s my entry above.

There’s a bit of a story behind this image that I wanted to share with you. For the past few years, T and I have had a pre-Christmas trip to Paris. We have a little tradition as I mentioned in my previous blog post, where we visit a specialist tea shop called Dammaan and buy their Christmas tea. This year, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, we have had to postpone our plans to visit. We are fortunate to have made friends with a wonderful woman whose apartment we rent when we visit and she has kindly agreed for us to use it in the New Year instead. So in tribute to a wonderful city where T and I have so many happy memories, I decided to share a little of the tea and a infuser that we brought from the store last year. I shall drink it with fondness and pray for more peaceful times ahead for this beautiful city. In my opinion, there really is no better city on earth than Paris. (Apart from London of course!)

Styling the seasons Nov 2

Have you joined in with this month’s styling the seasons? Do leave a comment and let me know if you have. You can find out more information about the monthly styling project here.

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Sunday night feeling

Syon Park enchanted forest walk

Woah it’s cold. This weekend we’ve been bundled up in jumpers, hats and scarves with the central heating on and fire going in the living room. Victorian houses are chilly!

So how was your weekend? We spent the day with T’s family yesterday and had a quiet afternoon on the sofa this afternoon with the newspaper and some Christmas tea. The tea is just spiced tea from a tea shop called Dammann in Paris. We buy it every year and it’s become a bit of a tradition. Yes, we’ve started to embrace all things Christmas already. We have such a large family that it makes sense to start planning early. That and also because I love it!

Another tradition I have is to borrow a cheesy Christmas chick lit book from the library or to buy one from a book shop each year. I managed to persuade T to take me to a book shop on the way back from a meal out last week as the shops were open late so that I could take a look at this year’s offerings. The book store didn’t disappoint but I was distracted by a rather lovely looking display of 1930s Christmas crime novels and so decided to investigate further. Instead of my usual chick lit Christmas book, I bought ‘Crime at Christmas‘ by C.H.B Kitchen.


I even managed to inspire T to start his own Christmas reading tradition as he bought ‘Mystery in White’ by J. Jefferson Farjeon. Apparently it’s becoming a huge Christmas hit amongst readers although we didn’t know that when we bought it. All I can say is that T is finding it quite a scary read! I’m speeding through my novel so that I can move onto his book!


Even though I’m enjoying my book, I have a sneaky suspicion I’ll still go and hunt down some easy reading Christmas cheese at some point as I find it a great way to relax over the festive season. Do you have any yearly traditions that you follow at Christmas? Or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, over the winter season?

Have a good week friends,


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Casual Friday


I don’t usually post fashion on this blog – they’ll be no daily outfit posts on this site anytime soon! However, in an effort to share a bit more about myself and help Celebrate Creation grow as a lifestyle blog, I feel the odd ‘I like this outfit’ post is appropriate. So there you have it. I like this outfit! It’s casual yet smarter than a jeans and t-shirt day and perfect for A/W weather. As a woman in her mid-thirties, I’m drawn to this look as it is still fairly effortless, yet sophisticated at the same time. That’s me all over that is ;) (Yeah right!)

Image via Fash and Chips

Decorating in monchrome

Living room 5

Looking around our home, it is evident that we have a real love of monochrome decor! Whilst we do have the odd splashes of colour, there is an abundance of black and neutral tones in our house. I like it though as I feel it makes the colour we do choose to include even more vibrant.

How about you? Are you a fan of monochrome decor or is it colour all the way in your house?

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to see some of my decor inspirations. If i’m not already following you, let me know!

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An Autumn styling project

Glitter pumpkins

We’ve been in our new home for almost two months now. When friends ask me if we are feeling settled my answer is usually ‘yes, our home no longer looks messy because we are living out of boxes. It just looks messy because we live there!’ A slight exaggeration perhaps, it’s not that bad really. but I’m glad to see everything slowly find a home as we adjust to life in a different part of London.

We have a large wooden chest which we now keep in our dining room (it used to have our TV on it and be in the living room). It’s a great place to create a display and so I’m hoping to style it a little this coming weekend in order to participate once more in styling the seasons. You can see my past entries here and here. These cute pumpkins look fairly easy to recreate and will make an interesting feature I think. Do you like them?

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Sunday night feeling


Good evening friends! How are you? I hope that you’ve had a restful weekend and enjoyed the fireworks if you went to a display or lit them in your back garden. We went to a friend’s house on Saturday evening and enjoyed fireworks, hot dogs and the first mulled wine of the season. Yes. Other than that things have been pretty quiet in our house as we’ve needed a good break this weekend. The past few weeks have been busy! I spent an hour on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book this afternoon and it was great. I’m reading ‘No matter what’ by Sally Donovan. It’s the story of Sally and her husband Rob and their journey to becoming adoptive parents. I can’t put it down and thoroughly recommend it if you are looking to adopt or if you would like an insight into what the process is like for those that have/are considering adoption. I got to the part where Sally and Rob met their children for the first time this afternoon and must admit that I started crying. I feel so ‘for’ for their family it’s unbelievable – even though I’ve never met them! Anyhow, I shed some happy tears when they met their children and woke up Toby who was having a nap next to me!

Talking of happy tears, we went to our friend’s baptism this afternoon and a few more happy tears were shed then too. This particular friend has known some very tough times in her life and so it was amazing to be in the privileged position of celebrating her baptism with her.

Oh well, on to another full week! Lots of tutorials, marking and a conference on Friday ahead for me. What does your week hold?

Have a good Monday!


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